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HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges

When you need a vibrant, detailed print job, you know you can rely on the HP DesignJet. This wide format printer can keep up with the largest of print jobs while continually producing fantastic quality prints each time. 

As the owner of a DesignJet printer, you may be familiar with the high cost of HP DesignJet ink cartridges. These high prices may cause some difficulty staying within our budget as you purchase the supplies you need. You may even begin to look for a cheaper ink alternative — but is non-HP ink a reliable option for you? 

Supplies Outlet offers an affordable, reliable, compatible ink solution for all your needs. Our compatible inks will work in your DesignJet printer without causing damage to the machine. Continue reading to learn more about compatible ink and why they are an excellent option for your printer. 

What Ink Is Compatible With the HP DesignJet Series?

During manufacturing, every printer receives a microchip that will only operate with a unique cartridge number. This number will be the same whether you are using an HP brand such as HP DesignJet 100 ink or a compatible ink cartridge. 

Finding your ink cartridge number is easy — it is the brand name of your printer, followed by a series of numbers. The easiest way to find this number is by opening your ink cartridge cover and checking your cartridges in your machine. Another option is to just use our database of ink cartridge information on the Supplies Outlet website. Select your printer's brand and model to see a list of compatible cartridge options. 

When you receive your compatible cartridge, its appearance may differ from an HP brand ink such as the HP DesignJet 100 Plus ink. With patent restrictions in place, your cartridge's shape and size will change, but you will still be able to use a compatible cartridge without voiding the printer's warranty. 

How to Replace or Install Ink for the HP DesignJet Series

As the owner of a DesignJet printer, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with everyday maintenance tasks such as replacing the ink. When your printer is running low on ink, you will receive a message on your display screen. Follow these steps to replace your ink cartridges:

  1. Turn on your printer if you have not done so already.
  2. On the left side of your printer, you will see an ink cartridge cover. Open this cover.
  3. Wait for the ink carriage to come to a complete stop.
  4. Gently press down on the ink cartridge you wish to replace to remove it. 
  5. Remove the empty ink cartridge.
  6. Take your new ink cartridge out of the packaging and align it with the correct color.
  7. Insert your new ink cartridge.
  8. If you are replacing multiple cartridges, repeat steps three through seven. 
  9. Close the ink cartridge cover door. 

After changing the ink, your next question may be how to dispose of your now empty cartridges. By simply throwing your cartridge away, it will end up in a landfill where it can take hundreds of years to break down and have a serious negative impact on the environment. Recycling your empty cartridge, however, is an easy and environmentally-friendly disposal option.

You have two choices for recycling your empty cartridges. Your first option is to recycle your cartridge at your nearest office supply store. Many office supply stores already have recycling programs in place. 

You might also be able to take your cartridges to your local waste facility and arrange a drop-off. In addition to your cartridges, many facilities also recycle e-waste such as computers or batteries, further lowering your environmental impact. 

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the HP Design Jet Series?

Printer companies will often sell their printers for a low cost while charging high prices for the ink needed to run their printers. This sales method causes many customers to experience difficulty finding the ink they need at reasonable prices. Since Supplies Outlet does not have the overhead of printer companies, we can reduce the price of our ink and help our customers save money. 

Your compatible ink is the generic version of HP ink. Like with the generic brands you might purchase from other retailers, a third party makes compatible ink using the finest materials to create a similar quality product to HP brand products. 

When you buy compatible ink cartridges at Supplies Outlet, you are also reducing your environmental impact. Each of our cartridges uses new and recycled materials for an environmentally friendly product. Our manufacturers also improve their processes each day to make our products better for customers and the environment. 

100% Guarantee on Our HP DesignJet Series Compatible Ink Cartridges

At Supplies Outlet, we make sure all of our customers have a safe shopping experience. Our website receives daily security checks to ensure each transaction is secure. If you are unhappy with your purchase and wish to return it within 60 days, we will give you a full refund with our money back guarantee. 

We also offer a lifetime performance warranty for our compatible inks, so you can be confident in our products and purchasing from Supplies Outlet. Our compatible inks arrive directly from quality manufacturers that create our cartridges with only the best materials available.  

When you shop at Supplies Outlet, you can be confident you'll receive the products you need when you need them. We have many locations across the United States to allow for quick shipping. If you need to return anything, we also offer a hassle-free return policy and will accept an unopened compatible product for as long as one year after your purchase. 

Where to Buy Ink for the HP DesignJet Series

Make Supplies Outlet your go-to destination for your HP DesignJet compatible ink needs. We have been in the computer supplies industry for over 30 years, making us a company you can trust. If you'd like to learn more about our compatible inks or have any questions, fill out our contact form today. 

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