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HP Professional Ink Cartridges

As an HP Professional Series printer owner, you may be familiar with the impressive results this compact machine can produce. Whether you're using this machine at home or work, this printer creates crisp, colorful documents, making it a valuable tool to help increase your productivity. 

While shopping for Professional Series ink cartridges, many customers encounter the challenge of finding the supplies they need while staying within their budgets. You may start looking for an alternative to HP ink — but how do you find a reliable retailer?

Supplies Outlet is your solution for all your ink needs. Our compatible inks will work great in your Professional Series printer and produce the same high-quality printing as an HP cartridge. Keep reading to learn more about compatible ink.

What Ink Is Compatible With the HP Professional Series?

Your printer will not operate unless you use a specific cartridge series that's designed for your machine. To find which ink cartridge will work in your printer, locate the cartridge number. This number is the same for an HP ink cartridge or a compatible cartridge. 

Your cartridge number is a code that features the brand name of your printer — for instance, HP — followed by a series of numbers and, in some cases, letters. One of the easiest ways to find this code is to look through your printer's manual or at your ink cartridges currently in use. 

Supplies Outlet also provides an online resource of compatible inks you can use to find the cartridge number for your printer. On our website, select your printer's model to see a list of ink options. Due to patent restrictions, your compatible cartridge may be different in size or shape compared to an HP cartridge. Despite these differences in appearance, though, your cartridge will still print without causing any damage to your printer or any loss of quality in your printing projects. 

How to Replace or Install Ink for the HP Professional Series

Knowing how to replace your Professional Printer Series ink cartridges is a maintenance task you will need to perform semi-regularly. When the ink in your printer is running low, you may receive a message from your printer indicating you need to replace the cartridges. If an ink cartridge is empty, your printer will pause all printing jobs until you install a new cartridge. 

Whether you are replacing your black or colored ink, you will follow these steps:

  1. On the right side of the printer, you will see an ink cartridge door. Open this door to reveal four ink cartridge slots.
  2. Grab the top of the ink cartridge you wish to replace and pull it upward. Set the empty ink cartridge to the side. Be sure not to touch the nozzle to prevent getting ink on your skin or clothes. 
  3. Take your new ink cartridge out of the box and align it with the correct color. Push the ink cartridge firmly into the slot.
  4. Close the door and resume printing.

After replacing the ink cartridges in your printer, the next step is to dispose of your empty cartridges. Instead of throwing your empty cartridge in the garbage where it will eventually find its way into a landfill, though, try recycling your cartridge. In addition to providing materials to make remanufactured cartridges, recycling your cartridge is a better choice for the environment, too. 

You have two options when it comes to recycling your ink cartridges. One option is to bring your cartridges to a local office supply store that offers a recycling program. Many participating stores have a convenient drop-off location, so you can easily recycle your cartridge before continuing with your errands. The second option is to visit your local waste facility to see if they have an e-waste recycling program. Most waste facilities will accept your cartridges and other electronic devices as part of their recycling program.

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the HP Professional Series?

A favorite business model among printer companies entails lowering the prices of their printers while raising the cost of ink. This selling method makes it difficult for customers to find discounts on ink even with a coupon. Compatible cartridge companies, such as Supplies Outlet, do not have this overhead, allowing us to charge lower prices for our ink products.

A compatible ink cartridge is, essentially, a generic option for HP ink. Like a generic brand you may purchase from a grocery store, a third party will make an ink cartridge similar to HP. Our compatible cartridges at Supplies Outlet use the finest materials and will never void the warranty on your printer or cause damage. 

Another benefit of our compatible ink at Supplies Outlet is that our cartridges are environmentally friendly. Our cartridges use new and recycled materials to help lower our environmental impact. Along with using recycled materials, we encourage our quality-certified manufacturers to continue learning and improving to make our products better for all who use them and for the environment.

100% Guarantee on Our HP Professional Series Ink Cartridges

When you order online from Supplies Outlet, you can be confident you'll find what you need and that your online transaction will be safe. We check our site daily to ensure each transaction is secure. All of our compatible inks are also under a 60-day money back guarantee and lifetime performance warranty. We source our ink from our manufacturers directly and ensure our manufacturers follow industry standards. 

We also have several warehouses across the United States, so we can help you get the supplies you need — fast. If you need to return a product, our return policy is hassle free, and we accept all compatible cartridges as long as they are unopened up to a year after purchasing. 

Where to Buy Ink for the HP Professional Series

Trust Supplies Outlet for all your HP Professional Series ink needs. Our associates are knowledgeable and dependable, and we are eager to help you find the products you require. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our compatible products and why they're a great option for you, fill out our contact form today. 

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