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HP LaserJet Series Toner Cartridges

Whether you're printing at home or for a small office, you know you can rely on your HP LaserJet series printer to produce great results. The HP LaserJet is a leader in print quality and will produce professional-looking documents with each printing job.

To ensure your printer continues producing great prints, you want to use the best quality ink. However, frequently buying HP LaserJet series ink can become expensive, even with a coupon or store discount. You may begin to shop for less costly compatible inks — but how can you be confident your compatible ink will produce the same quality of prints?

Supplies Outlet is available as a reliable, cost-effective compatible ink solution. We have compatible ink options that will operate in your LaserJet Series printer without causing damage. Continue reading to learn more about our compatible ink options and why our selection is the right choice for all your ink needs. 

What Toner Is Compatible With the HP LaserJet Series?

Each printer contains a microchip that is only compatible with a specific cartridge series. The number of your cartridge series is the same whether you are looking for an HP brand or a compatible cartridge.

Your cartridge number features the brand of your printer followed by a number. You can find your cartridge number in your manual or by lifting the lid of your printer and examining the cartridges currently in use. Another option is to use the extensive database of compatible toners on the Supplies Outlet website. Select the brand and model of your printer for a complete list of our compatible ink options. 

Your compatible cartridge may look slightly different from HP inks such as HP LaserJet 1015 ink or HP Laserjet 1012 ink. Because of patent restrictions, your compatible cartridge may differ in size or shape, but it will still operate in your printer and not void any warranties. 

How to Replace or Install Toner Cartridges for the HP LaserJet Series

How often you replace your toner will depend on how much you use your printer. If you print frequently, you will need to replace your toner more often than someone who prints once or twice a week. 

Before you replace your toner completely, it is a good idea to remove your current cartridge and rock it back and forth a few times before inserting it again. The toner in your cartridge often becomes unevenly distributed during use which causes the sensor to believe the cartridge should be replaced. If you shake your toner and your printer continues to indicate it is empty, complete these steps to replace the cartridge:

  1. Push the paper output tray on top of your printer down. 
  2. Locate the small handle on the right side of the access panel and move the panel upward. 
  3. Grab the used toner cartridge's handle.
  4. Pull the handle upward to get the cartridge out. 
  5. Remove your new cartridge from the packaging. 
  6. Shake your new cartridge gently a few times to make sure the toner is evenly distributed inside. 
  7. Completely remove the packing strip.
  8. Place the new cartridge inside the printer. You will hear a click when it locks into place. 
  9. Shut the access panel. 

In addition to shaking your cartridge, there are a few methods you can use to extend the life of your toner. One option is instead of printing multiple drafts of a project, only print the final product to save ink. Another option is to use an ink-saving mode when you print. Try to print your documents in draft or grayscale to use less ink. 

When you shop for toner cartridges, you may notice you have the option to choose between regular or high-yield cartridges. If you want to extend the life of your toner, opt for a high-yield cartridge. These cartridges contain more ink and will last longer than a regular cartridge. 

Why Buy Compatible Toner for the HP LaserJet Series?

As you shop for toner for your printer, you might have noticed many printer companies reduce the prices of their printers while raising the cost of their inks. This business model means it can be difficult to find brand name ink at a budget-friendly price. However, since Supplies Outlet does not manufacture printers, we can sell our inks for less without sacrificing quality. 

Compatible ink is a generic version of an HP ink, like the HP LaserJet 1010 ink or HP LaserJet 1000 ink cartridges. Much like the generic brands you may see or purchase at a grocery store or other retailers, a third party will make our compatible ink. This ink is the same, if not better, quality than an HP brand ink. 

Our ink cartridges are also great for the environment. All of our cartridges use a combination of recycled and new materials to help lower our environmental impact. In addition, our third-party manufacturers are constantly refining their processes to learn how to make our products more efficiently and further reduce our environmental impact.

100% Guarantee on Our HP LaserJet Series Compatible Toner Cartridges

When you shop with Supplies Outlet, you can be confident you will have a good experience. We perform security checks on our website daily to verify it is McAfee secure. All of our compatible inks have a lifetime performance warranty as well as a 60-day money back guarantee. If you decide you no longer need an ink cartridge, our hassle-free return policy makes returns a breeze. You can return any unopened compatible toner cartridges for as long as one year past the purchase date. 

If you need ink fast, you know you can rely on Supplies Outlet. We have multiple locations across the United States to get your orders to you when you need them. 

Where to Buy Toner for the HP LaserJet Series

Supplies Outlet is here for all of your HP LaserJet compatible ink needs. Our toner cartridges use the finest raw materials, and we source all our cartridges directly from quality certified manufacturers. If you'd like to find out about our compatible inks or have questions, get in touch with us online today! 

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