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High-Quality HP Printer Toner Cartridges at a Low-Cost

Supplies Outlet deliver outstanding HP toner cartridges with industry leading yields with a cost less than the markets average competitor. Our replacement products inventory meets or exceeds any brand OEMs and uses the finest quality components under strict ISO 9001 manufacturing standards and ISO 14001 environmental certifications.

We offer free shipping on orders over $50. With multiple locations in the United States, we can deliver most orders within one or two days. Purchase online, by phone, or even fax and receive top-quality delivered to your door.

Shop with confidence with our 60-day, money-back guarantee on all of our compatible and remanufactured products. Browse our wide selection at Supplies Outlet today!

Compatible and Remanufactured HP Supply for the Best Price

You know you can rely on our HP printer toner cartridges for quality and versatility. You probably also know office products can get costly over time, mainly if you use them consistently.

With the price of brand-name supplies on the rise, Supplies Outlet is proud to offer a clear alternative solution without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Reduce the cost of maintaining your supplies by shopping for replacements with the best quality and price. Supplies Outlet offers the highest quality and lower prices than other competitors.

Additionally, our replaceable yields are 100% guaranteed and will not void your warranty. Start saving today by shopping our wide selection.

How Long Does a HP Printer Cartridge Last?

Toner for HP printers evaporates rapidly, and any air exposure will slowly dry up. Leaving your supplies in the sun or a hot area can also cause the material to dry out before you even open it for use. Air exposure is often the most cited reason for your items to expire prematurely. 

As you browse our items, you may notice terms such as high-yield, high-capacity, or XL. As the names suggest, high-yield and high-capacity can print a higher number of pages before running out. XL items contain more, allowing for a greater printing yield. 

If you often print in large quantities, buying components or high-yielding is a great way to save money and get the most out of your supplies.

Just like most items in our everyday life, replacements have expiration dates. Generally, products will last about a year or two before it expires. However, this life span can vary based on how you care for your materials.

There are many ways to extend the life of our items. The first is to leave your product in the packaging until you're ready to use it. The airtight packaging it arrives in will keep it drying up before you have a chance to use it.

It's also a good idea to store in a dry, dark place away from humidity or heat in a temperature-controlled room. Your device should already be in a temperature-controlled room, so you can go ahead and store it close by for convenience.

As you shop at office supply stores, you may notice that branded OEM items remain pretty consistent in price.

Even with a coupon or a sale, you might not save as much money as you'd like. For genuine savings, it's best to purchase non-branded components instead. You can ensure reliable printing results at a much lower price by buying component products like our 6063XL, and 61XL.

When you purchase from a reputable retailer like Supplies Outlet, you can be sure you'll receive high-quality at discounted prices. We manufacture our replacements by following industry standards. Our supplies will not void your warranty while in use.

A compatible replacement gets manufactured by a third party instead of the original brand. A compatible HP supply cartridge will look structurally different from your original equipment.

Toner Cartridges for HP Printers with The Best Quality

Despite these changes, the unit will still work and print the same number of pages — or more — before needing a replacement. Recycled items are just as easy to install as name-brand.

Many consistent office companies will design their materials to replicate a brand's original design without violating any product patents. When you use a uniform item, you will have the same print quality at half off the price of an OEM.

Purchasing a replacement has additional benefits beyond the lower cost. Replacements will often print more pages than their name-brand counterparts, making them even more cost-effective and convenient. Another advantage is that our components use recycled materials, which reduces the amount of landfill waste. 

Almost every component requires some expense for upkeep is no exception. There are many reasons why OEM may be so expensive. One is that original equipment manufacturers (OEM) often spend a lot of money on research and development for their colors, which inflates the price for consumers.

When you shop the selection of compatibles at Supplies Outlet, you'll find discounted components that produce the same printing quality as those from the OEM, like our 131A. With over 30 years in business, we're a reliable source for all your component needs. 

When it comes time to replace your materials, follow these steps to learn what you will need:

  1. Lift the scanner unit to expose the components tray.
  2. As you open the scanner unit, pause as you wait for the tray to slide to the center.
  3. When it stops moving, examine the label for the name you need.  

Different models in the brand family will require different replacement models. Most brands only need a black and tricolor, while others require cyan, magenta, yellow and black. If you have a printer specifically for photos, you may need as many as eight for higher color quality. 

Make your next purchase at Supplies Outlet for quality service you can trust. Our selection of products will allow you to save money while maintaining the highest printing quality. 

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