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HP DeskJet Series Ink Cartridges

Using HP's DeskJet Series of printers is an excellent way to produce outstanding printing jobs. These compact printers can handle any printing job, from important documents to family photos, to ensure all your at-home printing is of the highest quality.

For your printer to run optimally, you need to have enough ink. However, the steep prices of HP DeskJet ink cartridges may cause difficulty finding the supplies you need within your budget. 

However, when you shop at Supplies Outlet, you'll be able to find the ink you need at affordable prices with our compatible cartridges. Whether you need compatible ink for the HP DeskJet 1010 or the HP DeskJet 1000, our selection of inks will allow you to save money without sacrificing quality. 

What Ink Is Compatible With the HP DeskJet Series?

Your printer will only work when you insert a specific cartridge number. Whether you choose to use a compatible or name brand ink cartridge, your cartridge number will remain the same and is the brand of your printer, as well as letters, numbers or a combination of the two.  

You have many options when it comes to locating your cartridge number. If you still have the box your printer ink arrived in, the cartridge number is often printed on the side. Another option is to look through your owner's manual for this number or look at your cartridges currently in use.

The Supplies Outlet website is also a great source for finding the cartridge number for your printer. Find your printer's brand, family and model to see your cartridge number and a full list of our compatible cartridge options for your printer.

How to Replace or Install Ink Cartridges for the HP DeskJet Series

When your ink is running low, you will notice some warning signs. Your color prints may look faded or not as vibrant or you may see streaks on your documents. Another warning sign you may see is horizontal lines on your documents because the print heads are not evenly coated with ink. 

Each model of the HP DeskJet printer series may look slightly different in appearance, but the process for replacing an ink cartridge remains mostly the same. Always check the owner's manual to ensure you are changing the cartridge correctly for your specific printer. 

To change out your ink cartridges, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Plug your printer into an outlet and turn it on.
  2. Grab the lid with a hand on either side of the printer and gently lift it upward. Wait for the ink carriage to move into view.
  3. The cartridges are color-coded, with black being on the right and color being on the left. Lift the cover of the cartridge you wish to replace and grab the edge of the cartridge before lifting it upward out of the printer. Set the empty cartridge aside to recycle or dispose of later. 
  4. Open the box your new printer cartridge arrived in and remove the plastic wrap from the cartridge as well. Remove any protective plastic and tape while being careful not to touch the print heads to avoid getting ink on your clothes or skin. 
  5. Place the new ink cartridge into the correct place in your printer, and then close the cover over the top of this cartridge. You will hear a click when it is in the correct place.
  6. Grab the lid with both hands and gently lower it into place. You can now resume printing as normal. 

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the HP DeskJet Series?

Whether this is your first time buying a printer or you've owned a printer for years, you most likely are aware of how expensive buying ink can be. Many printer companies rely on their ink sales for profits and to cover any costs associated with making printers. This overhead leads to high prices that continue to rise. 

Supplies Outlet, however, does not have this overhead, allowing us to offer a solution to the high prices of name brand inks with our compatible options. But even though our prices may be lower, that does not mean a decline in quality. Our inks will produce the same great printing job as an HP brand ink such as the HP DeskJet 1010 ink cartridge. Our ink cartridges are also beneficial for the environment and use new and recycled materials. 

Compatible ink is a similar concept to a generic brand you may see at other retailers. Like these generic brands, our compatible ink cartridges may differ in shape or size, but they will produce a printing job with the same quality as an HP cartridge. While your compatible cartridge may look different, it will not void your printer's warranty or cause any damage to your printer.

100% Guarantee on Our HP DeskJet Series Compatible Ink Cartridges

We guarantee you'll feel satisfied with your purchase of any of our compatible products at Supplies Outlet. Each cartridge contains only the best new and recycled materials for a superior quality cartridge. Our manufacturers also continuously improve their processes to ensure our products continue to be of the highest standards for our customers. 

All returns are hassle free with Supplies Outlet, and we offer a full refund if you would like to return any unopened inks within the first 60 days. If you would like to return an unopened ink cartridge after the 60 day period, we will accept ink one year after your purchase date.

With multiple warehouse locations around the United States, we offer fast shipping times for many locations. You will receive the ink you need when you need it. 

Where to Buy Ink for the HP DeskJet Series

Trust Supplies Outlet for all your ink needs. Our staff has years of experience in the computer supplies industry and is looking forward to helping you find the ink you need at affordable prices. If you would like to learn more about our ink offerings or have any questions about the ordering process, we encourage you to fill out a contact form today!

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