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HP PSC Series Ink Cartridges

Whether you're using your HP PSC Series printer at home or in a small office, your printer is a valuable tool in creating and printing everything from reports to photographs. With fast printing capabilities and true-to-life color printing, this printer is an ideal machine to increase your daily performance. 

Shopping for ink for your HP PSC Series printer is a common maintenance task many printer owners perform at least once a year. However, during this shopping trip, you may notice the steep prices of ink, especially HP brand ink.

Luckily, Supplies Outlet is here to offer an affordable solution with our selection of cost-effective inks. Whether you need HP PSC 1200 printer ink or are looking for HP PSC 1110 ink cartridges, our wide selection will allow you to find the ink you need for less. 

What Ink Is Compatible With the HP PSC Series?

When HP assembles your printer, they will insert a microchip that will only work correctly with a certain cartridge number. This microchip is available in name brand inks and compatible options such as HP PSC 1110 compatible ink cartridges as long as both options are the correct cartridge number.

Finding the cartridge that will operate in your printer is a relatively simple process and involves locating the cartridge number. This code is your printer's brand name, along with numbers and, with some types of cartridges, letters. You will often find this number in your manual, on the box your printer arrived in, or on the cartridges currently in use.

Another great option for locating your cartridge number is to use Supplies Outlet's online database. On our website, select your printer to view a complete list of cartridges available for purchase for your specific printer. 

How to Replace or Install Ink Cartridges for the HP PSC Series

When the ink is running low in your HP PSC series printer, you will receive a message on your display screen to let you know which color to replace. To replace the ink in your printer, complete the following steps:

  1. In the front of your printer above the output tray, you will see a printer cartridge access door. Open this door and let the cartridge carriage move to the middle of your printer.
  2. Locate the ink cartridge you need to replace and gently press down to release it from the carriage.
  3. Take your new ink cartridge out of the airtight packaging and take off the protective tape. Be sure not to touch the gold-colored contact as this may affect your ink cartridge's ability to connect with your printer. 
  4. With the label facing upward, slide the cartridge into the printer carriage and gently press them into position. When it's in the correct position, you should hear a snap. If you don't hear a snap, don't force the cartridge into place. Remove the cartridge and continue trying until it's in the right spot. Close the printer cartridge access door once you finish replacing cartridges. 
  5. The alignment page will print after you close the cartridge access door. Take this page and scan it to finish aligning the cartridges. 

If you change your ink cartridges and still receive a message on your display screen to replace your ink, this may signify that your ink cartridge is not aligned correctly. To find and fix the problem, perform these steps:

  1. Locate and open the printer cartridge access door.
  2. Remove your ink cartridge and look it over.
  3. Verify it is the correct number and then reinsert it.
  4. Close the printer cartridge access door and check your display screen.
  5. If the message remains, remove the ink cartridge again and turn off your printer.
  6. Take a slightly damp cloth and gently clean the electrical contacts. Each contact is small and shaped like a square with rounded edges.
  7. Allow the contacts to dry before reinserting the cartridges and turning the power on again. 
  8. If you are still receiving an error message, replace your ink cartridge or contact HP for troubleshooting.

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the HP PSC Series?

While shopping for ink, you may begin to notice that the price to buy a printer is often relatively low while the cost of ink continues to climb. Many printer companies set these prices to make a profit, which often leads to customers experiencing difficulty finding an ink solution without breaking the bank. 

Compatible ink is an ideal ink option that allows many customers to easily stay within their budgets. You can also think of compatible ink as the generic version of HP brand ink. Much like a generic brand you may see at other retailers, our ink differs from HP in size and shape. While our compatible ink may look different due to patent restrictions, it will still provide the same printing quality and page yield as HP ink cartridges. 

In addition to being high quality, our ink cartridges are great for the environment as well. Each cartridge contains new and recycled materials to reduce our environmental impact. The manufacturers we source our products from are also continually learning new methods to improve their process and further lower our environmental impact.

100% Guarantee on Our HP PSC Series Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges

We guarantee that when you purchase a compatible cartridge from Supplies Outlet, you will receive a product of the highest quality. All of our products are under a lifetime performance warranty, and we will give you a full refund if you are not satisfied with our products within the first 60 days.

If you need ink fast, our multiple warehouse locations enable us to offer one to two-day shipping for most areas across the United States.

Where to Buy Ink for the HP PSC Series

Shopping on the Supplies Outlet website is a safe experience for all our customers. We perform daily security checks with McAfee secure, and our website is SSL encrypted. If you have any questions about purchasing from Supplies Outlet or would like to know more about the items we offer, get in touch with us today!

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