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HP Addmaster Ink Cartridges

Whether you're printing receipts or labels, as the owner of an HP Addmaster, you know you can rely on your printer for outstanding performance and print quality. HP Addmasters will help you stay productive with an innovative design that delivers long-term value.

One common maintenance task you may experience with your Addmaster is replacing the Addmaster ink cartridges. This process of replacing ink may quickly become expensive, especially when purchasing HP brand ink. You may consider looking for an alternative to HP ink — but how can you be confident you're buying a reliable product?

Supplies Outlet is available as a solution to all your ink needs. We have many compatible inks that will operate in your printer without sacrificing printing quality. Continue reading to learn more about our great compatible products and why they are an excellent option for your printer.

What Ink Is Compatible With the HP Addmaster Series?

Manufacturers program their printers to only operate with a specific cartridge series. This number is the same whether you are using an HP brand cartridge or compatible ink

A cartridge number is the brand name of your printer followed by a series of numbers and, in some cases, letters as well. One method of locating this code involves lifting the front lid of your printer and looking at the front side of your cartridges currently in use. 

Supplies Outlet offers an extensive database of compatible inks. Just select your printer's brand and model to see a list of ink options in your cartridge series. While your compatible cartridge may look different in size or shape due to patent restrictions, it will still fit and operate in your printer without voiding the warranty. 

How to Replace or Install Ink for the HP Addmaster Series

If you notice a decline in the printing quality of your HP Addmaster, it may be time to replace the ink cartridge. When the ink cartridge completely runs out of ink, the HP Addmaster Series will put all print jobs on hold until you input a new cartridge. Replacing your ink cartridge is easy and only requires six steps:

  1. Open your new ink cartridge and set it aside for a few moments.
  2. Lift the printer's access lid upward to remove it from the machine. 
  3. Pinch the release arms to remove the ink cartridge.
  4. Tilt the next ink cartridge and insert it at a slight angle, with the nozzle facing downward.
  5. Press the tab forward to latch the ink cartridge into place. 
  6. Replace the access lid on your machine and load the paper.

Another vital maintenance function you may need to perform is loading a new roll of paper into your machine. You must insert your roll of paper with the device on and position it so the paper unwinds from the bottom. Slowly feed the paper into the printer until the feed mechanism activates. From there, the paper will feed automatically through the machine. Place the paper onto the supports and press the "On-Line" button to indicate your printer is ready for operation. 

After inputting your new cartridge and paper, you may want to test your machine to ensure it is set up and ready for printing. To test your device, you will need to turn off the power. Before turning the printer back on again, press down and hold the paper-feed button. Once the printer is on again and printing starts, release the paper-feed button. After your sample tape prints, turn off the power to take the printer out of testing mode.  

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the HP Addmaster Series?

It is common among many printer companies to lower printer prices while raising the price of ink to make a profit. This business model makes it difficult for customers to keep within their budgets while shopping for ink.

A compatible ink cartridge is, essentially, a generic version of your HP ink. Similar to a generic brand you may purchase from the grocery store, a third party will make a compatible ink cartridge that's equal to an HP brand ink cartridge. When you purchase compatible ink from Supplies Outlet, your ink cartridge will produce a similar, if not better, page yield to an HP brand ink. 

Another positive of shopping with Supplies Outlet is that our cartridges are environmentally friendly. We offer a wide selection of remanufactured ink cartridges — which are HP brand cartridges that go through one cycle of use. A third-party manufacturer will disassemble the cartridge before cleaning and making any necessary repairs and then put it back together. In addition to our remanufactured cartridges, we also use new and recycled materials for our compatible cartridges to help lower our environmental impact. 

100% Guarantee on Our HP Addmaster Series Compatible Ink Cartridges

We guarantee that you will easily find the supplies you need. We perform daily security checks to verify each transaction on our site will be secure. All of our compatible inks feature a refund guarantee that lasts up to 60 days after purchase and a performance warranty. Our inks also arrive directly from quality certified manufacturers that use the best raw materials. 

Supplies Outlet has many warehouse locations across the United States, allowing us to offer fast shipping times for all of our customers. Our return policy is also hassle free if you find you no longer need one of our products. You have the option of returning any unopened inks for as long as one year after you buy them from Supplies Outlet. 

Where to Buy Ink for the HP Addmaster Series

If you need affordable, reliable ink fast, trust the experts at Supplies Outlet. We offer a wide selection of compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges that are sure to fit your printing needs. Our associates have over 30 years of experience, making us a reliable company you can depend on for exceptional service. Complete our contact form for more information about our compatible inks today. 

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