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Canon BJ Series Ink Cartridges

The BJ series of printers from Canon are quick and efficient, making them ideal for use in an office or home. With rapid printing abilities and a compact design, a Canon BJ Series printer is the ideal machine for producing crisp and clear documents.  

As you use your printer more frequently, you may begin to fall into the costly cycle of running out of Canon BJ ink and needing to buy the expensive replacement. Since you cannot perform your daily printing needs without ink in your printer, you may find yourself having no choice but to continue to purchase ink and go over your budget. Luckily, SuppliesOutlet provides cost-effective alternatives through compatible ink offerings. 

What Ink Is Compatible With the Canon BJ Series?

A compatible Canon BJ ink cartridge is a brand new cartridge that may look slightly different from your Canon product due to restrictions from patents. Despite these minor differences in appearances, your compatible ink cartridge will still operate in your printer the same way a Canon BJ-30 ink or a Canon BJ-200 ink would. 

Essentially, a compatible ink cartridge is the generic version of your name-brand ink. Much like how a third party would make a generic brand for a grocery store, a third party makes generic brand ink. When you purchase a generic ink cartridge, you will receive a quality ink cartridge that will yield the same number of pages at a significantly lower price. 

A compatible ink cartridge has gone through one cycle of use. After your ink cartridge is empty and can no longer provide ink for your printer, you can send it off to be recycled or remanufactured. 

If the cartridge is remanufactured, a third-party manufacturer will take the cartridge apart and carefully clean, inspect, make repairs if necessary and put it back together. Since it generally takes fewer parts to make a compatible ink cartridge, it allows for lower prices. Compatible ink cartridges also do not void your printer's warranty.  

How to Replace or Install Ink Cartridges for the Canon BJ Series

One of the more common maintenance tasks you may experience when you own a printer is replacing the ink cartridges. Learning and following the proper replacement procedure will help your printer continue functioning as intended and allow you to get back to printing your required documents. To change the ink in your printer:

  1. Plug in the printer and turn on the power. 
  2. Locate the cartridge button and press and hold it until the online button begins to blink. During this time, the printer cartridge holder will move to the center of the printer.
  3. Open the front cover and remove the ink by pressing the tab on the left of the ink tank and lifting upward.
  4. Take your new ink cartridge out of the bag and remove the orange protective cap.
  5. Slide the new ink into the printer cartridge and press down on the left side until it snaps into place.
  6. Close the front cover and resume printing as normal. 

After replacing the ink in your Canon printer, you may be wondering what to do with your used cartridge. Many ink cartridges contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health and the environment over time. One excellent option to help reduce this risk to yourself and others is to recycle your ink cartridge. 

Recycling your ink cartridge is easy with the help of office supply stores or recycling facilities. Some office supply stores already have ink cartridge recycling programs in place, allowing you to drop off your used cartridges quickly. Another option is to visit your local recycling center. Many centers now offer an e-waste recycling option and will gladly take and recycle your ink cartridge. 

Why Buy Compatible Ink for the Canon BJ Series?

Your printer requires ink to complete your daily printing needs, but buying refill ink can quickly become expensive. You may even find yourself paying more for ink than you spent on your printer itself. 

One of the most widely used business models by many printer companies involves reducing the price of their printers while increasing the cost of ink to make a profit. This business model often makes it difficult for customers to find the ink they need at prices within their budget. In response to this pricing method, companies such as SuppliesOutlet began to offer more cost-effective alternatives to create the best possible savings for their customers. 

At SuppliesOutlet, we offer compatible printer ink for various printer families and models so you can find the best ink for you and your printer. Our certified manufacturers make each cartridge with the best new and recycled materials available to create the highest quality products. In addition to exceptional quality, we also offer competitive pricing to help our customers find the best possible deal. 

100% Guarantee on Our Canon BJ Series Compatible Ink Cartridges

Our main goal at SuppliesOutlet is to give our customers the utmost confidence during their shopping experiences. Every transaction on our website is safe with daily security verifications by McAfee secure. We also offer lifetime performance warranties and a full 60-day money back guarantee on all compatible and remanufactured products. 

Another benefit of shopping with us is our dedication to customer service. We have several locations around the United States, allowing us to offer one to two-day delivery times for the majority of our customers in the United States. Additionally, our hassle-free return policy allows you to return any unopened compatible products up to one year after the date of purchase. 

Where to Buy Ink for the Canon BJ Series

Our management team at SuppliesOutlet has over 30 years of experience in the computer supplies and accessories industry. During that time, we have learned how to better serve our customers with unbeatable prices and the importance of a high-quality ink cartridge. With a wide array of compatible printer inks made from the best materials, trust the experienced personnel at SuppliesOutlet for all your ink needs.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products, fill out our contact form today.


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