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Canon Ink and Toner Cartridges

Many people are familiar with the abilities of Canon printers to print crisp, clean documents for any occasion. With various models and printing options, a Canon printer is ideal for handling printing jobs of all sizes for your office. However, if your office regularly prints a large number of documents, you may find that frequently buying Canon printer ink becomes expensive. 

A great way to buy Canon ink cartridges or Canon toner at lower prices without sacrificing quality is to shop compatible ink cartridges for your Canon printer at Supplies Outlet. Our third-party manufacturers make each cartridge with the highest quality materials. In addition, each cartridge will fit and work in your printer without voiding your warranty.

Buying ink can be costly, but luckily, Supplies Outlet is proud to provide a low-cost alternative. For high-quality ink without the high prices, shop our Canon compatible ink and toner at Supplies Outlet today. 

What Ink and Toner Are Compatible With Canon? 

Supplies Outlet offers a wide selection of ink and toners that are compatible with many makes and models of Canon printers. Whether you need black Canon compatible toner, like our Canon 128 Toner Cartridge, or are looking for a tri-color Canon compatible ink option, like our Canon CLI-226 Ink Cartridge, Supplies Outlet has you covered. 

How can you determine what ink does your Canon printer uses? Finding the correct compatible ink cartridge is a similar process to finding a Canon brand cartridge. Search the owner's manual or previously purchased ink boxes, or open your printer to see which cartridges are currently in your machine. Your cartridge type will be the word Canon followed by a three number code printed on your ink cartridge or in your manual. You will use this code when purchasing your compatible ink cartridges as well.  

Canon Laser Printer compatible replacement cartridges from Supplies Outlet represent a combination of low cost and high quality that equals exceptional value. Our extensive inventory of toner products meets or exceeds Canon's OEMs, and the assembly process uses the finest quality components under strict ISO 9001 manufacturing standards with ISO 14001 environmental certifications. We all know the cost of brand-name printer supplies can be shocking; we offer a clear alternative solution without compromising quality or reliability.

How to Replace or Install Ink Cartridges for Canon

Changing ink and toner is a standard aspect of printer maintenance that you may need to perform if you use your printer frequently. Many printers will signal when they are running low or out of ink, or you can open the top unit to check the status of your cartridges. 

To change the ink cartridge in your Canon printer:

  1. Turn the printer on and retract the paper output tray and tray extension. 
  2. Open the cover and wait until the cartridge stops moving to the replacement position. 
  3. To remove your ink cartridge, press down until you hear a clicking noise, and then remove the cartridge. 
  4. After taking your new ink cartridge out of the package, insert it into your Canon printer at a slant and press down until you hear a click. In most Canon printers, the color cartridge is on the left, and the black cartridge is on the right. 
  5. Make sure the cartridges line up evenly before closing the cover. 
  6. Your Canon printer will automatically clean the print head if you insert both cartridges correctly. Wait until the machine stops cleaning to print anything. 

For both ink and toner, it's crucial to replace the cartridge as soon as you remove it. If you don't print regularly, print a test page at least once a week to prevent your ink from drying out or your print head from clogging. 

Why Buy Compatible Ink and Toner for Canon?

As a Canon printer owner, you may already know how expensive buying Canon ink can be. Many times, your ink may even cost more than your printer. Companies selling printers for low prices while raising the price of ink is nothing new — but there is a way to beat it. 

A compatible ink cartridge is a printer cartridge that is refurbished by a third-party manufacturer. These cartridges will fit in your machine like a name-brand cartridge and yield the same number of pages. Buying a compatible ink cartridge is similar to buying the generic version of a product at the grocery store. 

Along with working in your printer, a compatible ink cartridge has gone through one cycle of use. The third-party manufacturer takes the cartridge apart and then extensively cleans, inspects, makes repairs if necessary and puts it back together. Since it generally takes fewer parts to make a compatible ink cartridge, it allows for lower prices. 

At Supplies Outlet, we offer various compatible inks and toners to fit most Canon printers in various families and model numbers. Our compatible cartridges are just as reliable as name-brand cartridges and use the highest quality materials to create a product of the same caliber of Canon brand ink and toner cartridges. 

100% Guarantee on Our Canon Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges

We purchase all of our compatible ink cartridges directly from certified manufacturers. Each cartridge uses the finest raw materials to ensure our customers have a dependable product. Additionally, our manufacturers constantly strive to improve and refine their processes to produce a high-quality product more efficiently. 

With each purchase, Supplies Outlet also offers a lifetime performance warranty. While we know our products are sure to impress, our 60-day money-back guarantee on all compatible and remanufactured products allows all our customers to shop with confidence. Our returns are also hassle-free, and we accept all unopened compatible inks and toners up to one year after the purchase date. 

Where to Buy Ink and Toner for Canon

If you're looking for quality ink at low prices, Supplies Outlet is proud to provide Canon compatible printer cartridges at unbeatable prices. Our management team has over 30 years of experience in the computer supplies industry to help our customers find great deals on ink. We offer a variety of convenient payment options and FREE shipping for orders over $50. Purchase online, by phone or even fax and have top quality, 100% compatible Brother toner delivered to your door.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our products, fill out our contact form today!

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