Environmentally Friendly Printing Practices

Environmentally Friendly Printing Practices

At Supplies Outlet, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by the best of nature. Reno is nestled in a valley in northern Nevada surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and less than an hour from spectacular Lake Tahoe. The area offers four seasons of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. With that backdrop, it should come as no surprise to learn that we place great value on environmental preservation and protection. We’re also keenly aware that the printer cartridge industry has an important role to play in safeguarding mother earth.

The “go green” movement often promotes going paperless, meaning reducing your environmental impact by cutting out the majority of your printing. While this works for some, it simply isn’t a realistic option for all businesses or individuals. With that in mind we have come up with a short list of what individual consumers and businesses can do to help address these issues.


Purchasing remanufactured cartridges is one of the best ways to have a positive environmental impact because you’re using a fully recycled product! Remanufactured cartridges are ink and toner that have gone through an extensive “reconditioning process”. This reconditioning process involves cleaning, refilling, and testing the product to ensure that it is nearly identical in quality to its new counterpart. Remanufactured cartridges are a reliable, cost-effective alternative to new “name brand” cartridges. Remanufactured products are sold under private label brands and are readily available online at retailers such as Supplies Outlet.

Another way to reduce the environmental impact of printing is to purchase high yield printers from companies such as Brother and Xerox. These printers use cartridges that require infrequent replacement and offer long-term quality performance. By switching cartridges less often, you’ll produce less waste which is beneficial for everyone.


Another effective method of sustainably printing is to buy a printer which can use refillable ink and toner cartridges. These refillable cartridges don’t require replacement, and simply use an ink refill kit to function. This is a great alternative to remanufactured cartridges which still benefits the environment. Epson and HP offer multiple printer models which use these refillable cartridges, and refill kits are sold at Supplies Outlet.


A simple way for consumers to lessen the environmental impact of printing is to recycle their empty cartridges. Unfortunately, many consumers have no idea that ink and toner cartridges are recyclable. Empty cartridges can often be recycled if they are delivered to the proper location. Cartridges can be dropped off at a local retailer (ex. Best Buy, Staples), donated to recycling nonprofit agencies, or sold online for cash. A quick search on Earth911’s ink recycling locator will show locations in your area where you can go to recycle your empty cartridges. 

Supplies Outlet has gone to great lengths to expand its selection of remanufactured and refillable ink cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are now available for most printer brands. Visit Suppliesoutlet.com to purchase all your ink and toner cartridges for your printer.

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