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Canon GP Series Toner Cartridges

Canon GP series printers are ideal for offices due to their high quality and long-lasting printing abilities. These printers reliably produce crisp documents that are ideal for everyday business needs in your workspace. However, you may begin to notice that the cost of regularly purchasing Canon GP toner may cause you to exceed your budget.

At Supplies Outlet, we offer a cheaper alternative in the form of compatible toners. Our toners are of the same high quality as your Canon toners with competitive pricing. Our pricing strategy allows our customers to produce the same fantastic printing jobs at lower prices. With fast shipping, Supplies Outlet allows you to get the toner you need quicker so that your office can continue its daily printing activities. 

What Toner Is Compatible With the Canon GP Series?

If you need toner for your Canon GP series printer, Supplies Outlet offers many compatible toner options made with the highest quality materials 

As you browse compatible toner options, you may come across the option to refill your toner cartridge. A refilled toner cartridge is essentially an old cartridge with new toner inside it. Unlike a compatible cartridge, refilling your cartridge may cause a decline in print quality and end up costing you more money in the long run. 

When printing, if you want the best print quality, it is a good idea to refrain from refilling your toner. While this option may save money in the short term, eventually, you will have to replace the entire cartridge once it wears down, costing you more money on top of your refills. At Supplies Outlet, our selection of compatible toners is cost-effective and will produce prints of the same quality as your Canon toner. 

How to Replace or Install Toner Cartridges for Canon GP Series

The more you use your Canon GP series printer, the sooner you will have to replace the toner. Knowing how to replace the toner correctly will prevent accidental damage to your printer or delays in your daily operations. To replace the toner:

  1. Open the front door of your copier/ printer.
  2.  The toner hopper handle will be on the right side after opening the door. Take this handle and move it down to the unlocked position.
  3. Gently slide the toner hopper out of the machine until it stops moving and remove the used toner cartridge.
  4. Take your new toner cartridge and shake it 5 to 6 times from side to side to evenly spread the toner. 
  5. Remove the yellow tape from the bottom of the toner cartridge to release the handle. 
  6. Move the handle, so it is facing outward from the cartridge.
  7. Turn over your cartridge and place it on the toner hopper so the pointed tabs are facing inside the machine. You will hear a click when it is aligned properly.
  8. To distribute toner into the hopper, apply downward pressure to the top of the toner cartridge while pulling the handle straight back with your other hand. Do not twist the handle while you pull, as it may break.
  9. Push the toner cover into the machine until it stops moving, then remove your now empty toner cartridge.
  10. Gently slide the toner hopper back into the machine and move the handle back to a locked position.
  11. Close the front door of your copier/ printer and enjoy high-quality printing. 

How can you make your toner last longer? One way is to remove the cartridge from your printer and shake it before placing it back in the machine. Similar to how you shook the toner when you initially opened the package, shaking it again dislodges any toner that may have become trapped in the walls of the cartridge. 

Why Buy Compatible Toner for Canon GP Series?

Buying toner for your printer is often one of the most expensive aspects of printer ownership. Many times, buying toner replacements may end up costing more than the printer itself. Alternative toner options, such as compatible toner, provide reliable solutions for printer owners who are looking for cheaper options without sacrificing quality. 

At Supplies Outlet, one way to consider our compatible toner cartridges is the generic version of Canon cartridges. Most cartridges feature small structural changes compared to a Canon cartridge but will still fit and work in your printer. 

Compatible cartridges are lower in price primarily due to lower manufacturing costs. Unlike Canon or other name brand inks, a third-party ink manufacturer takes the existing cartridge apart and thoroughly inspects, cleans and repairs the cartridge before putting it back together. This reduced need for parts allows sellers such as Supplies Outlet to keep their prices low. 

100% Guarantee on Our Canon GP Series Toner Cartridges

When you shop for Canon GP toner cartridges at Supplies Outlet, you can be confident that you will have a great shopping experience. Our site is safe and secure to protect each of our customer's transactions. Supplies Outlet also sources each of our products from the largest certified manufacturers to create compatible toner cartridges of the highest quality. Manufacturers are constantly refining their processes to elevate their products further and benefit our customers. 

While we're sure you'll enjoy the top quality printing jobs our products provide, we offer a Lifetime Performance Warranty with a 60-day money back guarantee on every purchase. In addition, we accept unopened compatible products for return up to one year after purchase for hassle-free returns. Explore our compatible Canon GP toner options today. 

Where to Buy Toner for Canon GP Series

With over three decades of experience in the computer supplies industry, Supplies Outlet is a name you can trust. Our toners are compatible with Canon products and will not void your warranty. Our competitive pricing allows us to give our customers the best possible deals on great products. 

To learn more about our products or if you would like additional information, fill out our online contact form today!



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